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Falcon Fort


A larger garden with a private historic "residence"

The private property "Falcon Fort" has its own soul with a stately building with a historical look back in time to the late 19th century. In direct connection to the residence there is, among other things, an old stable and other areas. It is easy to feel the presence of the centuries when approaching the house from the gates up towards the site in front of the residence with direct connection to the main building and the annex.. "Falcon Fort” is planned to be used as a mini-palace, a residence on three levels.

-Basement floor with spa, lounge, gym and wine cellar and storage.
-Entrance floor with entrance lobby and lounge, billiards room, library, dining room and kitchen.
-Upstairs with three suites, one larger and two smaller and a studio for culture and artistic activities.

The annex is furnished as a residence for the area manager and for storage.


The residence with possibilities and it's own soul

The main building, the residence, has thick walls and is seen from the outside as an impenetrable wall, which creates curiosity when entering through the main entrance, which is located above the ground floor.

The main building is designed tastefully, with a timeless aesthetic and design, for the active owner and visitor to have a sense of planning and furnishing based on their own personal style and experience



Project name

Falcon Fort

Property area

Approx. 4.6 ha


Freehold property with a main building and guest house with own garden with facilities

Main building area

Approx. 900 square meters

Ground floor

Approx. 250 sqm Entrance floor: approx. 320 sqm


Approx. 320 sqm Terrace: approx. 100 sqm

Guest building

Approx. 200 sqm


ETTELVA Arkitekter / Millimeter Arkitekter i samarbete


Jan Hardenborg

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